Vinaigrettes – Create Your Own Dressing!

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Simple Vinaigrettes

Perfect Setting Catering creates personalized dressings for your salad course. We are dedicated to serving healthy meals with mindful ingredients and it is abundantly important to us to avoid serving foods that are overly processed with preservatives and additives. Cooksmarts has created a fantastic graphic detailing the finer points of creating your own vinaigrettes from scratch. This graphic is a real eye opener as to how easy it is to mix and match you favorite ingredients into a healthy alternative to store bought dressings.

3 Great Types of Vinagrette!

Below you will find Sweet, French, and Asian styled vinagrette recipes that will give you insight into the general theory behind crafting each style. Instead of showing you how to make a vinaigrette, Cooksmarts teaches you why you make one style or the other. This is a simple, elegant, and easy approach to creating a dressing for your next meal.

Cooking Formula for a Simple Vinaigrette


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