Villanova Men’s Basketball Banquet 2015

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The Villanova Men’s Basketball Banquet

From Setup to Show-time

Our eighth year catering the Villanova Wildcats’ honors banquet was nothing short of perfect. The setup spanned two days and kept the Perfect Setting Catering crew light on their feet. Upwards of 715 guests arrive en masse at the Villanova Pavilion on the University’s campus with a hunger to match their successful career.

The Setup Began Wednesday, April 22nd

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As you can see, a small team went the day before to help setup the 76 tables and 700+ chairs. We were quite grateful for the help employed by the Villanova athletics department who lent a few hands to move this large number of tables and chairs. The gross majority of glassware, mugs, saucers, silverware, linens and napkins were distributed by table and readied for the crew coming the day of the event.

A Staggering Amount of Equipment

  • 1500 plates
  • 800 Water Glasses
  • 800 Mugs
  • 750ea Knives, Salad Forks, Dinner Forks, Spoons
  • 76 tables out front
  • 15 tables in the back for prep
  • 5 Ovens
  • 6 Warming Cabinets
  • 6 Industrial 100 cup Coffee Makers
  • 3 Trucks
  • And 45+ staff on hand to expedite the whole affair

Show Time

The banquet began with a private cocktail reception followed by our guests being asked to be seated. The kitchen was in full swing pre-plating the Spinach Salad with Fresh Strawberries topped Red Onion and Glazed Walnuts, and the Carrot Cake with Rich Cream Cheese Icing for dessert.

IMAG3442During the awards ceremony the guest were quietly served without interruption while eagerly awaiting Jay Wright’s speech. The main course, A Boneless Breast of Chicken with Homemade Gravy, Green Beans Tied with a Carrot Ribbon, and Creamy Scallop Potatoes, was served hot from three separate prep lines placed around the pavilion. With a crowd this large we had to have 45 staff members on hand to ensure efficient delivery of the entree to the crowd of 715.

Jay Wright Villanova Men's Basketball


Closing Time

The banquet lasted only three hours, but the setup and labor involved spanned two days and nearly 8 hours. The ceremony went without a hitch, no dropped plates, no speaker or video malfunctions, just a clean, successful night for a cherished Main Line basketball community.


For more details about the awards visit: Villanova Men’s Basketball

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