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What trends will 2015 bring to catering?

Perfect Setting Catering is gearing up for the 2015 wedding season, and with that comes keeping an eye on upcoming trends. As with most trends, they fade out and find their way back, often with new twists… we are certainly seeing a bit of the 2015 trends cropping up now here on the Main Line, especially in menus. Take a peek at some of the food trends that we think we will be seeing more of in 2015.

1. The Late Night Snack

The popcorn cart at the end of the night is fizzling out, and now couples are putting a personal twist on the snacks that you start craving on the dance floor. Milk & cookies, ice cream cones… the night is ending on a sweet note, and sometimes greasy… pizza anyone? Summary: 2015 food trends will have a personal…touch.

2. Family Style

Here at Perfect Setting Catering, we have always offered options, such as seated, buffet, or station, but now we are starting to welcome family-style dining to the party. With the popular rustic themes that we see at venues throughout the Philadelphia region, couples want their dining style to reflect the same casual vibe, and this low-key alternative offers just that. Summary: 2015 food trends will be in larger portions sizes to share across the table.

3. The Cakes

That’s right, plural. Gone are the days of one cake to cut, today we welcome the cake bar (we’re not complaining, the more the merrier). Summary: 2015 food trends will highlight, and probably include more, dessert… hooray!

Are you planning to incorporate any of these trends into your big day? Feel free to contact Perfect Setting with any questions that you may have.

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