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Weddings bride and groom hors d'oeuvres first look
An hors d’oeuvres moment just for the bride & groom

The ‘First Look’

If you aren’t one for tradition, you might want to hop onto the “First Look” bandwagon. One of the latest trends that Perfect Setting Catering can’t help but notice is our couples are choosing to see their significant other prior to the wedding ceremony and taking the majority of their pictures ahead of time. Why exactly is this “First Look” so popular right now?

Time Efficient 

When you opt into a “First Look” with your (almost!) husband or wife, you are able to get ready a little earlier and perhaps even take care of your photographs ahead of time. Once your couple portraits are taken, you can even get a head start on bridal party and family photos.

Not only are you getting a lot of your pictures taken, but it allows you more time at your cocktail hour to mingle with your guests and relax vs scrambling to get pictures done before dinner.

Alone Time

A lot of couples have nerves prior to the ceremony, and the “First Look” often eases some of that tension. You are able to relax with your significant other prior to the ceremony, and since your pictures are done you will have plenty of time to spare. A “First Look” permits you some time together before the festivities of your reception.


From a photography standpoint, you may also have better lighting for “First Look” pictures. If you have a late afternoon ceremony, the lighting might be better a couple of hours beforehand. Not only do you reap the personal benefits, but you could wind up with some really fantastic shots just because of the time of day.

Essentially, this is your day! Perhaps it may be time to ditch tradition and forge your own path. Consider the “First Look” approach for your future wedding date.

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