Sour Appletini Recipe by Perfect Setting Catering

Apples have a reputation for being an autumn fruit, but here at Perfect Setting Catering, we believe that apples should be used year-round, whether in your food or drinks. We thought our readers might be interested in making our famous “appletini” cocktail that has been a hit at our events for years. Below, you will find the recipe for this tasty summer treat.

What you will need

To make our Appletini, you will need the following ingredients:

-3 part Vodka

-1 part dry Vermouth

light splash of Apple Sour mix

-small splash of lime juice

The Process

Add a scoop of ice to martini shaker. Pour in 3 oz vodka, 1 oz dry vermouth, a very light splash of Apple Sour mix (these sour mixes are typically very strong so less is more! Try 2 teaspoons to start, add one teaspoon at a time if desired) and a small splash of lime juice. Stir or shake vigorously in shaker to ice down the drink.

Serve In

Strain Appletini into a martini glass and using a very thin apple slice/wedge for garnish.



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