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Conversion Chart

Why you should know grams!

This is something everyone has to contend with at some point during their cooking acrobatics. One of the biggest issues Americans face is their reluctance to use the metric system. Let’s be honest, we use what we know! But differentiating between grams and kilograms and pints and cups can make anyone’s head start to spin, which becomes a dangerous scenario if you’re juggling a hot skillet with two hundred grams of oil…or was that two cups?

A recent John Oliver sketch even delves into the sweet world of sugary food products and how the average American does not understand what a gram really is, let alone how much is enough. For example, sugar is measured in grams on all US food labels, and for good reason. Food companies get away with stuffing as much sugar as they can into our favorite foods and drinks because we cannot conceptualize what 38 grams of sugar amounts to when they mix it into a fizzy Coca Cola.

Knowing metric conversion is important

Let’s set the record straight.

Grams should not be as hard as we all imagine. Let this infographic by and explain the most basic measurement conversions for you and feel free to download a copy of this chart for your own personal use later.

Conversion Chart

Keep this handy

Whether at the store or at home just remember to open up this chart if you are feeling a bit unsure about how much “40 grams” really is. Metric is fairly easy to learn and we highly encourage it! Being aware of how much sodium, sugar, cholesterol, fats and proteins you put into your body allows you to get the most out of your body.

38 grams of sugar in a soda seems a bit much when you put it in “tablespoons”

You’re almost better off eating a Snickers Bar.

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