mint mojito recipeMint Mojito Recipe by Perfect Setting Catering

Ah, mint mojitos. For Main Line and Philadelphia locals, summer is a social time of year especially after such a bitter winter. Our classic Mint Mojito is the perfect remedy to break the spell of winter and get your summer started!

This season everything from horse shows and fox hunts to summer socials are taking place just a few miles away from Perfect Setting Catering’s headquarters in Berwyn. Be sure to celebrate rail-side Kentucky Derby style events or perhaps take some advice from us while planning your specialty drink for your upcoming wedding with our classic Mint Mojito recipe.

To make Perfect Setting’s Mint Mojito, you will need:

– 2 parts white rum – Bacardi or Cruzan Rum will work best

– 1 part mint infused simple syrup*

– 1 part fresh lime juice (we prefer Whole Foods for this item)

– Club Soda

*Our expert bartenders say you should boil two cups of sugar with two cups of water until it gets a syrupy texture, remove it from heat, and lightly crush and add mint sprigs (after washing them first!). Let the concoction sit for 5 minutes. Strain sprigs and debris.

Mix everything vigorously

Mix the two parts white rum with the one part lime juice. Add the simple syrup preferably while the syrup is still warm, this will help the syrup infuse better. Keep the rum at room temperature or as close to room temperature as possible. This is always best practice and will aid in the fusion of the two liquids. Be sure to whisk the syrup into the rum and lime mixture to aid the mixing process. You want to avoid the syrup sinking to the bottom of the pitcher!

Now that the mojito mix is done just fill a glass with ice, pour halfway with our mojito mix, and add club soda to the top of the glass. Last but not least, finish the cocktail off with a mint sprig and a sliced lime for garnish!


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