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Try our Frozen Watermelon Cocktail

This is the season for ripened watermelon and we have a delicious Frozen Watermelon Cocktail recipe just for you! Perfect Setting Catering understands that the kids should not have all of the fun this summer, that’s why we created a more adventurous watermelon recipe just for adults!

Not only is this Frozen Watermelon Cocktail recipe refreshing, but it is incredibly easy to make.

Ingredients (per serving)

2 cups watermelon (seeded & cubed)

1/3 cup vodka (Perfect Setting Catering recommends a melon flavored vodka*)

*Not a vodka fan? You can substitute Malibu Mango Rum! 

2 cups of ice

1/3 cup strawberries (these add a little more substance to the drink… and flavor!)

Splash of Mint Simple Syrup (helps bond the ingredients)

Dash of lemon juice

What do you need to do?

It is super simple! Just blend the watermelon cubes, alcohol, lemon juice, simple syrup and strawberries until they have a near-slush consistency.

You’ll want to slowly add the ice once your other ingredients are mixed together, while maintaining a consistent ‘slush’ consistency. If you have a ‘snow-cone’, your proportion of ice-to-mix is too heavily in favor of ice, and if it sloshes around too much your proportion consists of too much mix. You might need to add more ice and/or watermelon until you reach an equilibrium.

Using a puree setting on your blender can help with the emulsion. Be sure to blend again over time. As the ice melts into the mixture you will find a sweet spot where the drink truly forms a cohesive blend.

There you have it… a grown up slushy! You can garnish this frozen watermelon cocktail with mint, or even a sugar coated strawberry wedge.



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